Winsted’s airport is located on the southwest edge of the city.

Information updated January 2024

For those who love to fly airplanes, the Winsted Municipal Airport is an exhilarating place to spend a day.
The airport is located at 3234 230th Street, on the southwest edge of Winsted. It became city property in 1962.
The following improvements have been made to the Winsted Municipal Airport since 2019:
a. The runway width is 120 feet, with 20-foot shoulders for a total width of 160 feet.
b. New lighting, runway end identifier lights (REILS), and electrical building.
c. Regarding the runway safety area on the west and east ends of the turf runway.
d. New taxiway pavement.
e. Obstruction removal (trees and brush) on the south and east sides.
f. The gas pipeline was relocated that was previously underneath the runway.
g. New fuel pumping station.
h. Relocated above-ground fuel tank.
i. Taxilane extension
Airport History
In late 2011, construction began on a 1,100-square-foot airport arrival/departure building, which replaced a 700-square-foot terminal from the 1980s. In June 2012, the building was dedicated in honor of Winsted resident Russ Paschke.
Paschke was involved with the airport for 35 years and has served as airport commission chair since 1988. He was also the airport manager, monitoring and conducting maintenance at the facility and calling in the runway status.
Capital improvements
Maintenance and improvements to keep the airport a viable asset to the city and its hangar owners have been made through annual capital improvement projects, with the majority of costs paid for through federal funding. The airport commission makes recommendations and prioritizes various upgrades, with final approval given by the Winsted City Council.
Airport Commission
The Commission maintains a membership of five voting members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council. The city administrator and one council member also serve as ex-officio, non-voting members of the Commission.
Jeff Campbell, Chair
Rick Stodola, Vice Chair
Brenda Vetsch
Dave Hanus
Jeff Albers, Council Liaison