Outdoor Recreation

Information updated February 2019

Winsted’s well-maintained parks are perfect for picnics, parties, and playtime. Check out the many recreational opportunities available at each location:

Mill Reserve Park (also known as “lake park”)
  • Located on the west side of Winsted Lake
  • Outdoor dining: benches, picnic tables, picnic shelters
  • Events: An amphitheater at the northwest corner of the park is often used for outdoor concerts, movie nights, and other programs.
  • Lakefront: There isn’t a lifeguard on duty, but the public is welcome to utilize the public swimming area, as well as the fishing pier and sandy beach area.
  • Other features: Modern playground equipment, portable restroom
South View Park
  • Located on the south end of Winsted Lake on Kingsley Street South
  • Trails: The Luce Line State Trail is adjacent to South View Park. This trail encompasses more than 60 miles, from the western Minneapolis suburbs to Cosmos.
  • Active recreation: Softball field and open space, playground equipment
Hainlin Park
  • Located at McLeod Avenue and McLeod County Road 1
  • Outdoor dining: Sheltered picnic area
  • Active recreation: Playground equipment, skate park, sand volleyball
Barrett Field
  • Located at the corner of First Street and Sherman Avenue
  • Active recreation: Softball field with bleachers for spectators, basketball hoop, playground equipment
  • Outdoor dining: picnic tables
Weinbeck Field
  • Located along Main Avenue
  • Active recreation: The area is utilized as the local football field, with a track area and basketball courts.
Denis M. Campbell Baseball Field
  • Located just to the north of Weinbeck Field along McLeod County Road 1
  • Namesake: This field is named after one of Winsted’s amateur baseball hall of fame members.
  • Active recreation: About 20 years ago, several organizations donated a batting practice tunnel for the public.
Westgate and Northgate parks
  • Located in the Northgate and Westgate housing developments. Westgate’s park includes a ball field.
William May County Park
  • Located southeast of Winsted, this is one of six McLeod County parks.
  • Outdoor dining: Picnic shelter, grills, a drinking water pump
  • Other features: This 71-acre park has hiking trails and a restroom facility, all surrounded by trees.
Oscar and Anna Johnson County Park
  • Located just a few miles northeast of Winsted in Wright County
  • Features: A swimming beach, boat launch, picnic area, and restrooms.