McLeod County Sherrif’s Office

Information updated January, 2024

Sheriff Tim Langenfeld is the 27th Sheriff of McLeod County.
The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of McLeod County and is responsible for both common and statutory law to keep and preserve the peace of the county. Also, the sheriff is an officer of the McLeod District Court and has charge and custody of the county jail.
McLeod County is 504 square miles and has a population of approximately 36,735 people. The county comprises 14 townships and nine cities. The county seat is Glencoe.
Major highways that run through the county include US Highway 212 and State Highways 7, 15, and 22.
The McLeod County Sheriff’s Office is a 24/7 law enforcement agency providing services to all of the cities and townships in the county. We also contract law enforcement services to the Cities of Silver Lake and Stewart.
The McLeod County Sheriff’s Office has approximately 55 full-time employees, 13 part-time staff, and approximately 25 posse members.
Communications division
The McLeod County Sheriff’s Communications Division acts as the public safety answering point, more commonly known to the public as the 911 emergency system answering point, for all municipalities in McLeod County.
The sheriff provides the public safety radio network for all police departments, fire departments, and ambulances in the county.
Tip line
McLeod County anonymous tip line (24 Hours): 320-864-4524
Report Crime Information Anonymously: or 1-800-222-8477