Fire Department

By the Winsted Volunteer Fire Department

Information updated February 2020

The Winsted Volunteer Fire Department was formed Dec. 3, 1889. The department’s first truck, a chain-driven Oshkosh, arrived in 1927.

In 1944, 33 feet of property was purchased for the construction of Winsted’s first fire station.

Over the years that followed, the bell was replaced by a siren and then by pagers, ambulance service was provided, fire trucks came and went, but one thing has stayed the same – the dedication and devotion of the volunteers who make up the volunteer fire department.

The Winsted Volunteer Fire Department serves the city of Winsted, along with Hollywood, Victor, Winsted, and Woodland townships.

In 2019, the department responded to 240 calls. The total number of calls was 242 in 2018, 255 in 2017, 263 in 2016, 294 in 2015, and 230 in 2014.

The department had 240 calls through the coverage area in 2019. Most calls – 187, were for medicals – and 53 calls were for fires, car accidents, carbon monoxide incidents, and other emergencies. In addition to providing general fire suppression services, the Winsted Volunteer Fire Department also provides fire cause determination, fire prevention services, cold water rescue, auto extrication, hazardous materials response, Skywarn spotters, fire and medical coverage at Winstock, and hosts a spaghetti dinner the Thursday before Winstock and the annual firemen’s pancake breakfast the Sunday morning of the Winsted Summer Festival in August.

The Winsted Fire Department also operates a first-responder service, responding to all medical emergencies within its coverage area. The department operates with state-certified emergency medical technicians, and certified first responders.

The fire department continues to utilize state grant funding for training classes. Some of those trainings consist of yearly mandatory Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) classes. Other classes include auto extrication, pump operators course, search and rescue, SCBA Air Management and the Firefighter Survivability Prop.

At the beginning of 2020, there were 24 members on the department roster. A full roster would have 30 members. The fire department welcomes applicants. No previous experience is required. All training and equipment is provided. Applications are available on the City of Winsted’s website, or at Winsted City Hall.

  • Troy Scherping (Chief)
  • Jon Davidson (Asst. Chief 1)
  • Todd Koch (Asst. Chief 2)
  • Ryan Chatterton (Captain 1)
  • Kyle Thompson (Captain 2)
  • Jake Hertzog (Captain 3)
  • Aaron Millerbernd (Secretary)
  • Mike Laxen
  • Jim Koch
  • Dale Gatz
  • Brian Langenfeld
  • Chad Stender
  • Rose Heimerl
  • Jamie Stender
  • Justin Hertzog
  • Sam Condon
  • Bryan Schaust
  • Matt Marketon
  • Jason Zhang
  • Brandon Posch
  • Michael Vanderlinde
  • Tyler Nelson
  • Kaylin Hare
  • Marc Cathey