Winsted Lake

Winsted Lake offers excellent ice fishing during the winter months, providing year-round outdoor recreation.

Winsted Lake = Endless Adventure

Information updated February 2020

Winsted Lake is not the only place for water recreation near Winsted. Other area lakes within a few miles of the city of Winsted are Lake Mary, Dog Lake, Lake Ida, Lake Ann, Round Lake, Lake Emma, and Dutch Lake.

Lake Mary is a 190-acre spring-fed lake located northeast of Winsted, and supports plenty of game fish, including largemouth bass, crappie, and sunfish. Walleyes and northern pike have also been stocked in the lake and have done well. A public access on Lake Mary’s southeast corner, off of Grinwalk Ave., SW, is maintained by the Winsted Sportsmen’s Club.

Dog Lake is located just east of Lake Mary. This lake’s public access on the north shore borders beautiful Oscar and Anna Johnson County Park. Just 96 acres in size, it is known for excellent winter crappie fishing and good panfishing throughout the year.

Lake Ida, located in close proximity to Lake Mary and Dog Lake, is 85 acres in size. It is one of the top panfish lakes in the area, and is also home to some decent-sized northern. At times, the lake is covered with anglers fishing for good-sized sunfish, especially in the winter. The lake’s public access is located on its northeast corner.

Lake Ann, located approximately six miles north of Winsted, is 375 acres and 18.5 feet at its maximum depth, with 8 feet of clarity. It is full of panfish, and is also known to be one of the area’s top walleye lakes. A rock pile in the center of the lake is a hot spot for walleye anglers. The access is located on the west shore, with ample parking and a concrete boat ramp.

Connected to Lake Ann to the east through a small channel is Lake Emma. It is a very shallow lake, measuring 188 acres in size and approximately 16 feet at its deepest. The lake provides excellent angling for panfish and is a very popular waterfowl hunting location in the fall. The lake’s steep access is located on the east shore.

Located between Lake Mary and Lake Emma is Round Lake. In this 45-acre lake, anglers can mainly find crappies. Its public access is located on the east side.

Dutch Lake, located approximately one mile north of Lake Ann, is another small body of water, measuring 162 acres in size. Its public access is located on the south shore. The lake is known for good spurts of crappie fishing in the winter, and excellent northern pike fishing in the spring.

Other lakes within a short distance of Winsted include Howard Lake, Big Waverly, Little Waverly, Swan Lake, and Collinwood Lake. These lakes are very fertile, have public water accesses, and are excellent fisheries.

There are a number of lakes located in the Winsted area which are not considered fishing lakes and are without public access. These are Grass, South, Butler, Long, Louzers, Yaeger, and Milky.