Winsted Lake

Winsted Lake offers excellent ice fishing during the winter months, providing year-round outdoor recreation.

Winsted Lake = Endless Adventure

Information updated February 2019

Winsted Lake provides great views throughout the year, and it is also an important part of outdoor recreation for city residents, offering swimming, fishing, and boating. The public access is located on the southeast part of the lake, near the Luce Line State Trail, off Zion Avenue.

Located in the heart of Winsted, Winsted Lake is 376 acres; and its watershed is approximately 18,000 acres. The majority of the watershed is agricultural land.

Although the lake is only an average of 12 feet deep, winter fish kill has been non-existent with the use of a winter aeration system. Numerous fish species are supported in Winsted Lake, including walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, perch, channel catfish, bullhead, and carp.

Successful stocking of walleye in the lake began in spring 2011 and continued in subsequent years.

The Winsted Lake Watershed Association has worked to control the spread of invasive, non-native vegetation in the lake. Curly leaf pondweed was discovered in Winsted Lake in 2005, and the lake received chemical treatments to rid it of the invasive species. The lake is surveyed every spring by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

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