City Government

Pictured from left to right, Councilmembers, Tom Olig, Jesse Cafferty, Mayor Steve Stotko, and Councilmembers Jeff Albers, Steve Ebert.

Information updated January, 2024

Welcome to Winsted
On behalf of the Winsted City Council and staff, welcome to the City of Winsted.

Winsted has the unique advantage of being located near the metropolitan area while retaining the quiet charm of a rural community. Our outstanding schools, quiet neighborhoods, and many recreational opportunities exemplify Winsted’s excellent quality of life.

Whether you’re here to visit or considering making Winsted your home, we invite you to explore the amenities that make Winsted so special.
• Parks located throughout the city feature picnic shelters, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, playground equipment, numerous baseball fields, a swimming beach, and an amphitheater. Take advantage of the Luce Line State Trail, which connects to our ever-expanding trail system.
• Summer and winter festivals, the nationally-renowned Winstock Country Music Festival, and numerous other community events provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy.
Information about our community is easily accessible on our website, Our website is designed for residents and visitors and includes information on events, businesses, and the variety of services provided.

Winsted Pride Award
All residents of Winsted and businesses in Winsted are eligible for a Winsted Pride Award.

In 2023, Aaron and Patricia Kubasch received the residential Winsted Pride Award, and Millerbernd Manufacturing received the commercial Pride Award.
The award recognizes persons who have enhanced the aesthetic quality of property in Winsted above-and-beyond acceptable standards, thus contributing to the overall enhancement of the city’s image.

Suggestions for nominations are accepted by the city in the residential and commercial categories.

City Information
City Administrator – Neil Schlagel
City Clerk-Treasurer – Raquel Kirchoff
Deputy City Clerk – Amanda Zeidler
Utility Billing Clerk – Madison Fiecke
Police Chief – Justin Heldt
Officers – Jim Lammers, Dan Moonen, & Lucas Caturia
Public Works – Chris Bahr, Jamie Stotko, John Schlechter
Building Inspector – MNSPECT, LLC.
City Attorneys – Eggert & Gillis, PLLC; Gavin, Janssen, Stabenow, & Moldan, Ltd.; Melchert, Hubert, Sjodin, PLLP
Winsted Township: Michael A. Laxen, voting
Brian Anderson, non-voting
Hollywood Township: Kenny Johnson, voting
Bruce Fillbrandt, non-voting
Victor Township: Sean Groos, voting
Joe Scherer, non-voting

Woodland Township: Scott Salonek, voting
Barry Pawelk, non-voting

Fire Department
Fire Chief – Troy Scherping
First Asst. Chief – Todd Koch
Second Asst. Chief – Aaron Millerbernd
First Captain – Bryan Schaust
Second Captain – Mathew Marketon
Third Captain – Brandon Posch
Fire Secretary – Ariana Vail
Maintenance Supervisor – Brandon Posch

Park Commission
The purpose of the park commission is to advise the city council on the proper use of the parks, trails, and natural environment and policies covering recreation activities. In addition, the commission recommends an annual budget, reviews equipment needs, and plans for additional recreational opportunities in the area.
Park Commission meetings take place second Monday of each month at 5 p.m. in the council chambers unless noted otherwise.
Current members:
Marisa Fiecke
Evelyn Fowler
Tim Fury
Jody Lenz
Amy Schultz
Steve Stotko, Council Liaison

Planning Commission
The purpose of the planning commission is to advise the city council on all land-use planning matters.
Meetings occur on the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the council chambers unless noted otherwise.
The planning commission judges the Winsted Pride Award nominees. The award recognizes residential and commercial/industrial property owners who maintain their properties above and beyond normal standards.
Current members:
Marv Ebensperger, chair
Jolynn Cafferty
Tim Fury
Mike Guggemos
George Schulenberg
Jesse Cafferty, council liaison
Economic Development Authority
Members of Winsted’s Economic Development Authority include:
Leigha Bruns
Jacob Schlagel
Nancy Fasching
John Stifter
Steve Ebert, council member
Tom Ollig, council member
City Clerk-Treasurer Raquel Kirchoff, ex-officio
City Administrator Neil Schlagel, ex-officio

Airport Commission
The purpose of the airport commission is to advise the city council on airport matters. Meetings take place quarterly (Jan., April, July, and Oct.) on the last Monday of the month at 5 p.m. at City Hall.
Jeff Campbell, Chair
Rick Stodola
Brenda Vetsch
Dave Hanus
Jeff Albers, council liaison
City services and ordinances